CMSW sent 26 projects and 50 students to the National History Day Regional Competition and had 7 qualify for the State competition on April 29th. History Day is an individualized research project where students select a topic, develop a thesis, research and build a project in specific categories to show their research connected to a theme which this year is “Taking a Stand in History”. Below are the results for the top competitors which are a reflection of our students’ hard work and dedication to excellence!

State Qualifiers:

  • Documentary
    Cyn-Wei Tan & Cyn-Ean Yu – David Bowie
    Lauren Gizinski & Sophie Macy – Harvey Wiley and the Poison Squad
  • Website
    Olive Olson & Ameilia Monson – Jack Kevorkian
  • Performance
    Jaime Lyman –Leo Sczilard
    Jack Firman, Riley Funk & Josh Clark – Desmond Doss
    Piper Mans & Megan Thibodeau –
  • Paper
    Maddie Kerlin – Standing Up for Gay Rights

Regional Honorable Mention Projects:

  • Documentary
    Ava Jax & Diane Rakotomalala – Patty Wetterling
  • Website
    Sydney Kaupp & Cierra Larson – Clara Lemlich
    Daisey Lang, Julia Peterson & Ella Christensen – Nellie Bly
    Lulu Franke – The White Rose
  • Performance
    Lauren Manna, Rachel Eiden & Natalie Dolan – Ludke v. Kuhn
    Paige Reinertson, Lily Paul & Gabriella Krull – Juan Pujol Garcia