Eight groups of 8th graders with a total of 22  students became Regional Champions for the National History Day Regional Competition on March 6, and three groups totaling eight students achieved Regional Honorable Mention.  The Champions will advance to compete at the Minnesota state level on April 28 at the University of Minnesota.  Here are the winners and their topics:

Regional Champions – State Qualifiers

 Tylenol Murders (Group Exhibit) – Jessie Maus, Callin Hake, Siri Hodgins

 The Political Pawn: 1980 Summer Olympics (Group Exhibit) – Alex Moroney, Andrew Pana

 Amber Alerts (Group Exhbit) – Samantha Von Rentzell, Ava Laxen, Payton Wurtz, Megan Jirele

 The Orphan Train (Group Performance) – Elsie McCaghy, Lindsey Dolan

 The Fight for Freedom: Japanese Internment Camps (Group Performance) – Molly Maves, Izzy Roemer, Bella Roberston, Sydney Larson

 Jones town Massacre: Descent into Paranoia (Group Performance) – Anna Wermager; Khyndall Larson; Tait Englund

 Anita Hill (Group Documentary) – Sydney Kirmeier, Aeryn Oacaxa

 Heaven’s Gate Mass Suicide (Group Website) – Taylor Dorn, Anna Danicich

Regional Honorable Mention

 Josef Mengele and His Twin Experiments (Group Exhibit) – Madi Niesche, Jenna Mueller

 Birenau Concentration Camp ( Group Website) – Elena Giles, Hayley VonRentzell, McKenna Terrell

 Elizabeth Friedman (Individual Performance) – Richarda Chum