We are proud of all forty-four 8th grade students who participated in the Regional National History Day competition.

Two groups earned Honorable Mention in their categories:

Group Documentary – Katie Jiran and Riley Wright – Little Rock Nine

Individual Exhibit – Jennifer Meng – British Pet Massacre.

Six groups advanced to State competition in their categories:

Group Exhibit – Sammy Kreemer, Jackson Sperry, and Viriya Chanthaleakeo – Kent State Massacre

Individual Website – Sydney Thompson – Sex Pistols

Individual Documentary – Parker Lund – Napster

Group Performance –

Erick Chapan, Bryce Dunkleberger, Mason Lang, Caleb Rainger – Battle of Little Bighorn

Sophie Myhre and Catherine Kim – Vincent van Gogh

Paige Sommerfeld and Sara Ryan – Rosie the Riveter

The State History Day Competition will be on Saturday, May 4th at the University of Minnesota.