The CMSW 8th grade Math Team won first place out of nine teams in the Minnesota Mathematics League Competition. Top overall scorers included Jin H. in 4th place, Lucas I. in 6th, Vinh N. in 7th, Lily A. and Will W. in 12th out of 33 places.

The CMSW 7th grade Math Team won second place of nine teams in the MML Competition. Our overall top scorers included Samuel T in 3rd place, Caleb P. in 6th, Will B. in 8th, Sam B. and Tyler B. in 17th, and Will B., Erin D., and Kurt R. in 24th out of 32 places.

The 6th grade Math Team won third place of ten teams in the MML Competition. Overall top scorers included Kiersten B. and Curtis L. in 7th place, Zane B., Ethan H., and Charlie M. in 18th out of 30 places.