7th Grade Stock Market Game Winners

According to 7th grade Civics teacher, Troy Smutka, Chaska Middle School West 7th graders excelled in the Stock Market Game simulation from Best Prep again this year. They finished with the first, second, and third place teams in the Junior High Division for the 2020 Late Spring Session. Students worked in teams and started with $100,000 in simulated money to invest in stocks through a simulated portfolio. The teams worked together researching how actual companies’ stocks are performing, and then made trades (buying and selling) through their SMG portfolio. This year, due to distance learning, students had to communicate with one another about their trades via a Google Doc, Face time, or Google Meetings in order to compete in the game, which they began in class a week before distance learning began. Congratulations to the top three teams, as well as to all of our teams for their hard work in unusual... Continue reading 7th Grade Stock Market Game Winners