Two Students Named as Finalists in National Writing Contest

The 2018/19 Letters About Literature National Writing Contest has announced their finalists after their preliminary round of judging for the state of Minnesota. A total of 560 Level 1 letters were judged in the preliminary round. Of those, 58 have moved on to the final round of judging, including two written by the following students from Julie Reid’s classroom: -Hamdi Abdullahi -Adonai Yidnekachew These decisions were made based on a judging rubric and a ranked scoring result. Minnesota State winners will be announced later this month. Congratulations to our CMSW writing contest... Continue reading Two Students Named as Finalists in National Writing Contest

History Day State Competition Success

Three groups of students earned Honorable Mention in the MN State History Day Competition. We are proud of all 13 students who competed. Here is the list of award winners: Honorable Mention – Group Exhibits Kent State Massacre:  Assault on Peaceful Protest — Sammy Kreemer, Viriya Sann Chanthalakeo, Jackson Sperry Honorable Mention – Group Performances Rosie the Riveter — Sarah Ryan, Paige Sommerfeld Sitting Bull’s Last Stand — Erick Chapman, Bryce Dunkelberger, Mason Lange, Caleb... Continue reading History Day State Competition Success

CMSW Earns Highest Rank in MN Mathematics League Competition

8th grade – 1st place;  7th grade – 1st place;  6th grade – 2nd place Our students who were Top Regional Performers were: 8th grade:  1st place – Ryan Drahozal; 2nd place – Tim Hagen, 5th place (tie) – Anna Holk, Colin Kongratsasy, Carson Pollman 7th grade:  1st place (tie) Jin Hammond, Hanna Taha; 3rd place – Lily Awes 6th grade: 3rd place – Samuel Tsu “This year’s results are the best I can remember in 30 years of competing!” said Steve Apt, CMSW Math Teacher. The Minnesota Math League has Math Contests for Grades 4 through 8, Algebra 1 students, and High School Students. Over one million students from the United States and Canada participate in Math League Contests each year. Every contest has questions from different areas of mathematics. The goal is to encourage student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems. Many students first develop an interest in mathematics through problem-solving activities such as these contests.... Continue reading CMSW Earns Highest Rank in MN Mathematics League Competition