Site Improvement Plan

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Strategic Direction #1: Improving teaching and personalized learning for the development of each learner.

 How will   we   measure?  Raise the number of students meeting state   standards in Reading and Math by 2-6   percentage points.
 What are   we doing?
  • Comprehensive alignment of curriculum across all 3 middle schools
  • Teacher teams (PLCs) analyze common summative assessment data to find trends & growth areas in instructional practices to improve student learning outcomes.
  • Professional development focused on rigorous, equitable learning for all students by developing students’ abilities to read, write, speak, and listen.
  • Regular check-ins with students to make sure they’re growing in their learning
  • Lessons that involve active learning by students
 What will   you notice?
  • Explicit teaching of essential academic vocabulary and reading strategies
  • Collaboration between students using 4 domains of language: reading, writing, listening, speaking
  • Students assigned to WIN for academic support.
  • Students carrying the cognitive load and being challenged to think deeply about the content in their classrooms.


Strategic Direction #2: Fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment

 How will we   measure?  Increase the number of students saying they   have a trusted adult at school and feel safe at   school.
 What are we   doing?
  • Counselors meet with every single student 3x per year.
  • Intentional lessons in Advisory about school community, individual growth, and the importance of leadership.
  • Clear school-wide expectations for positive student engagement.
 What will   you notice?
  • Students greeted by name as they enter classrooms
  • Focused instruction and a calmer environment between classes
  • Regular updates about advisory lessons with suggestions about how to support emotional growth at home
  • Increased immediate communication between school and home
  • Increased PRIDE from students and families of our school